Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free Miniature Rules

I like free.  Especially when it comes to my hobbies.  So when I found some free rulesets doing research for the "megaproject" I downloaded them.

The first was Away Team, a "Star Trekish" miniature skirmish game.  The rules and miniatures (which of course aren't free), but are inexpensive, can be found on the Astrominiature's blog.  Below is the brief description of the game in the PDF.
Away Team is a simple miniatures-based combat game based in the Astro-miniatures universe.
The PDf is 8 pages long, one of which is a chart of the "character" types.  I've skimmed the rules, and on a complexity scale of 1 thru 10, I think it's probably a 3 or 4.  It's simple, easy, without a lot of complex rules.  It might be a good starter game for someone new to the hobby, and you can't beat the price!  There is a link on the blog to download the PDF.

The next game is Paper Tigers, a World War Two skirmish game.  Here's the introduction from the PDF:
Paper Tigers is designed as an introduction to miniatures war gaming for the beginner. It is intended to be played with paper miniatures printed in 1/72 or 1/76 scale. To that end, the rules are kept deliberately easy to learn. This does not mean the rules are unsophisticated. Players will find that good tactics are generally rewarded.
Even though the rules are intended to be used with paper miniatures, I'm sure other miniatures can be used easily enough.

Even though I haven't played the game, I'm intrigued by the playing card method of generating the turn sequence.  The PDF is only 6 pages long, but it's a little more complex than Away Team.  I give it a 5 on the complexity scale, but that may change once I play it.

Paper Tigers can be downloaded for free off of Wargame

The next game is Wildfire, a fast paced skirmish game for modern or science fiction settings.  Here's the introduction from the PDF.
Wildfire is a fast-paced miniatures skirmish combat game designed to cover the modern and science-fiction genres.  The game is based around the actions of Fire Teams, small two or three man groups that act as a team, covering each other and effectively fighting as a single unit.  Wildfire is designed to cover small-scale actioins with approximately ten Fire Teams on each side.  Vehicles are covered in the rules, as appropriate for small scale skirmish games.  Wildfire is designed for two players, but can be played with more if wished.
This PDF comes in at 105 pages.  Skimming the rules I would rate it at a complexity of 7 or 8, maybe higher.  Again, I haven't played, so that rating may change.  I read a review that mentioned the rules were a bit confusing.  Wildfire can also be downloaded for free at Wargame

The spreadsheet of miniature rules is growing, and it's up to 167.  I'm sure later tonight that it will probably be close, if not over, 200.

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