Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wargames Factory

I discovered a new miniature company today, Wargames Factory.  They sell 28mm scale miniatures, or 1/56th scale. Here's a blurb from their website...
Wargames Factory is a new company. We specialize in highly detailed, multi-part models in hard plastic. We’ll be releasing historical, science fiction and fantasy figures in a variety of scales.

Our philosophy is different to most companies. We believe that the best way to be responsive to customer’s interests is to ask our buyers what they’d like to see made, and follow those requests. Wargames Factory is out to change the way you think about miniatures by putting YOU in charge with our Liberty and Union League program.
The zombies look awesome.  The price seems very good also.  For $19.95 you get enough parts to make 30 zombies.  That's right 30 zombies, and because there's a multitude of interchangeable parts, they all can be very different.  You get 5 sprues with 28 unique parts per sprue. 936 unique combinations! (Over 1800 if you don't care whether the arm is bare or sleeved!)  Do some customization and the zombie possibilities are endless... BRAAAAAIIINSSS!

I'll be purchasing a box of zombies soon, and will write a review of them as soon as I can.
They also have a unique program, click on the Liberty and Union link in the blurb for info, but in a nutshell; if you submit an idea for a certain kind of miniature, and if enough people commit to purchasing them ( the amount needed to make it profitable I guess ), they will make them, and you receive 5 boxes FREE and a $100 Wargames Factory Gift certificate!  Very, very cool.


  1. Damn... they have some nice pricing... 24 orcs for 20 bucks!

  2. Yes, they have some very economical pricing. The one thing I noticed last night was that the sets don't come with bases. However, that's not big deal to me, their bases are cheap, ( round bases $4.95 for 30 ), and since many people buy their bases elsewhere I figure if it helps keeps cost down then great!

    I'm on the fence about the orcs. I can't decide if I like them or not. The zombies look great, as well as their Shock Troopers. The skeletons look okay I guess, but at that price who can complain?